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Open Collective IT Solutions

brings sustainable success in tomorrow’s world of data driven manufacturing. We offer the latest in AI and software development. Trend setting in creative problem solving. This is accomplished thanks to our innovative organisational design.

Inspiring technologies

Advanced knowledge

Internet protocols, drivers, gateways and security. Web development. Cloud computing and storage, Relational databases Software Development Methodology.

Our key values are

Being Open and Courageous

Our culture is designed to shift away from stress and fear to a more courageous and creative workplace.

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The Open Collective culture differs a great deal from traditionally organized companies. We think each person is able to do an excellent job without being told what to do by a line manager. We respect the input of all those involved and by being open to feedback, we continuously improve and innovate our solutions. While we work seriously to achieve the best possible result for ourselves and the customers, we like to do so in a way that is both meaningful and playful at the same time. Playfulness helps us not to stress out. Stress we believe is the biggest obstacle for both personal and professional growth and it also inhibits innovation and an open mindset. To give purpose to what we do energizes us provide the best solution to the customer, to improve our workplace, and help to contribute to make this world a better place. To strengthen all this, we work with self-managing teams. We strongly believe that the best way to meet our purpose is to work together and get the best (out of our) employees. We like to attract colleagues that have an entrepreneurial spirit, who take full authority in their roles and are ambassadors of what we stand for. We have chosen a self-managing methodology to build our organization. We at Open Collective choose not to have hierarchy, not to have job titles, no targets set by the directors. Instead, people have roles and work in self- managing teams, called circles. The purpose of each circle is related to the company purpose, and the purpose of each role serves the circle purpose. Employees have the authority to fill in their roles the way they feel is best and are free to give up roles an accept alternative or additional roles. This gives everybody at Open Collective free reign over their own career within the possibilities of our company. Authority is distributed amongst all employees. As all this differs a lot from the commonplace culture, we put habits and rituals in place to help us remind to really execute what we believe in. Our culture is designed to shift away from stress and fear to a more courageous and creative workplace.

We are flexible

Work-life balance is key to keeping us happy. We will do anything in our ability to make sure your schedules meet your needs. Open Collective offers a

Our people come first

before customers or shareholders. We take personal and professional development very serious. During the recruitment process we will explore

We limit our ecological footprint

as much as possible. We will mostly communicate remotely Our customers are challenged by us to provide remote work

Inspired innovation is our slogan.

is our slogan. Your work output will be impactful, you will help companies in the industrial market to get ready for the future


Want to read more about our philosophy how to shift to a more courageous culture? Feel free to read our Whitepaper (link below). For the Dutch readers: If you want to know more about how to work in a non-hierarchical organisation, explains ‘What is holacracy’ clearly (link below)

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