About us

What we do

Open Collective IT Solutions helps companies in the industrial market to get ready for the future by providing excellent software development capacity, specialized in AI.

Our purpose statement

Our purpose is to be courageous and work together with all involved in a playful manner to bring sustainable innovation to create a better world.

Self-managing teams

We strongly believe that the best way to meet our purpose is to get the best (out of our) employees. We make sure our colleagues have an entrepreneurial spirit, take full authority in their roles and are ambassadors of what we stand for. We have chosen a self-managing method to build our organization. We at Open Collective choose not to have hierarchy, not to have job titles, no targets set by the directors. Instead, people have roles and work in self- managing teams, called circles. The purpose of each circle is related to the company purpose, and the purpose of each role serves the circle purpose. Employees have the authority to fill in their roles the way they feel is best and are free to give up roles an accept alternative or additional roles. The authority that traditional companies place in managers and directors is distributed amongst the employees. For more information about Self-managing teams please see what is holacracy.

Our values

We are open and transparent

Open for information and feedback not only from our co-workers, but also from society, customers, suppliers, NGO’s and authorities. We are transparent in everything we do and share all relevant information widely.

We are courageous

We live by courage rather than by fear. We dare take risks and try out new things. We realize that only by making mistakes innovation is driven.

We like to have fun

People should not be different at work from at home, or from when they are with friends. Having fun at work and feeling good about ourselves makes our lives so much more enjoyable.

We respect each other and our environment

We trust each other - why hire someone you don’t trust? Our employees feel at home and safe. We serve our customers with the intent to create a better world.

The Founders

Founders of Open Collective IT Solutions: Harry de Bont and Robert Walraven.


is a visionary, an innovative entrepreneur who can get the best out of people. He lives the Company DNA: openness, honesty, commitment and entrepreneurship. Harry has developed a coaching model that helps to bring more creativity and effectiveness to people and in the organization. Harry’s background is in leadership, IT in the industrial market, human development and coaching.


is a financial professional, the organized rationalist, who will create efficient processes. He is an inspirer that earns trust by being open, clear communication, by being transparent and fair. Once Robert has a clear scope he will move forward in a calm manner with great persistence. Robert has worked for mayor organisations in the Industrial market, where he lead professionals and teams achieved result and gained trust and authority.