Human focus

Open Collective IT Solutions is a human-focused organisation.
To us, this means to get to know the person, and more specifically, their talent.
All Software Developers are different, each with their unique talent.
Our focus is on deploying that talent for the benefit of our developers and our clients.
Here is the spotlight on our available talent.


Marco is an Innovative Business Consultant who focuses on obtaining an unfair advantage for his clients. He preferably works on the demarcation line between business and technology. His innovative skills have delivered remarkable results: improving traffic flow, shaping cooperation between companies, and improving traffic awareness for train operators. Marco is skilled in many areas and likes to work with people who, like him, have an open attitude and are curious about the limits of what is technically and practically feasible.


Gaurav has an excellent analytical aptitude with a proven ability to interpret and draw conclusions from statistical data. He is a creative problem solver, having developed and implemented cutting-edge solutions, such as blockchain technology and machine learning. Gaurav is an adept programmer versed in R, Python, SQL, MATLAB, etc.
He has experience as technical leader managing teams and projects for more than five years.

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